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At the core of our company's strength are our employees, whose expertise and economic acumen are unparalleled. They are not just skilled in their respective fields but also possess a keen understanding of the broader economic landscape, which allows us to craft IT solutions that are not only innovative but also economically viable.

Our commitment to listening to our customers and translating their needs into valuable IT solutions is what sets us apart.


Test us - We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and the added value we can bring to your business.

Michael Dornbierer

Michael Dornbierer's extensive experience in IT, particularly within the financial services and health sectors, has equipped him with a robust skill set. His leadership roles as Head of IT and Managing Director have honed his abilities in strategic planning, team management, and project execution. Furthermore, his hands-on approach has ensured that he remains up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, enabling him to drive innovation and efficiency within his teams and projects. Michael's career reflects a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the complexities of the IT landscape.

  • Digital Transformation

  • Data protection (GDPR)

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Software/Business Solutions

  • Business Development

  • Change Management

  • Program Management 

  • Business Intelligence (PowerBi).


Michael's extensive expertise spans across the IT spectrum, encompassing operational and strategic domains such as business applications, software development, infrastructure, consulting, and project management.

His academic credentials are equally impressive, holding an MBA from the University of Rochester, complemented by a degree in business informatics and a solid foundation established through a four-year apprenticeship in computer science. This diverse educational background and practical experience equip him with a unique perspective and a comprehensive understanding of the IT industry.

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